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Our Achievements

DGM acts as a booking agency for e.g Dutch Delinquentz. DGM also aims to offer the type of music that can improve the quality of a music project in the field of artist music, commercials, film music or video game music. To ensure the quality of a music project, the music has to be tailored made, and fit to the wishes of you, the customer.

How we Formed

The term ‘Dutch’ in the name Dutch Galaxy Music refers to the background of the founders of the company who are raised and have their home base in the Netherlands. The term ‘Galaxy’ means the whole systems of stars in and outer space which for DGM symbolizes a wide range of possibilities, including the possibility to reach people with music. Therefore, these combined words reflect the notion of DGM in which the focus is on producing and promoting music which is not limited to certain subset of people or specific jurisdictions, but is intended to reach everybody.

Our Future

Besides the booking activities and the production of music, our aim in the near future is to develop project-based live and digital entertainment initiatives with a strong focus on music lovers.

Feel free to contact us for bookings and more information regarding music production and entertainment initiatives.

"Our music philosophy is pretty simple"
The Dutch Delinquentz

All About The Artists We Represent

DJ/Producer Lugeretzio

Formed in 2007


Since high school Lugeretzio Trustfull is fascinated by electronic music and everything that has to do with electronic music. In the 90’s, at a rapid pace Lugeretzio developed his producer skills and shortly thereafter he began making tracks for local hip hop artists. In 1995 he produced two complete albums for a rap group. The Dutch hip hop radio station “Villa 65” was a big fan of the numbers produced by Lugeretzio.

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What can we do for you?

Music is at the heart of everything we produce, it brings ideas life and gives them a pace and dynamic that is unique to each and every project.

We offer a full music production service, whether you need a short sting for a radio advert or a full music score for a feature film.

What kind of artist may collaborate with DGM?

Anyone who is passionate about music and is willing to push the music to the limit. We look for the same things that the public looks for. We look for excitement, charisma, and talent is obviously at the top of the list, but its the package. It is all of those things that make an artist complete.

What kind of genre?

We don’t have a specific genre for music. We just like to make music which can be used in almost everything. Think about radio music, video music and commercials. Pop, Rock ,EDM.

What are our main goals?

Our goals are to produce music and to process the entertainment of the music through e.g. live performances. So on the one hand DGM wants to produce qualitative, creative and touching music. Music that make people want to jump. laugh or cry. On the other hand we want to develop project-based live and digital entertainment projects with a strong focus on music fans.

"I often listened to the coolest music my older brothers were listening"
DJ Charro

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